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  • Our students are participating in the International Design Workshop to develop international competitiveness ever since the Nanjing Castles development workshop with architecture students of Southeast University of China in 2004. From Namkyung Province of China, Southeast University of China collaborates to hold workshops and exhibitions. In 2004, Professor Amitan of UNSW had their summer design workshop in our campus.
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  • In 2006, an architectural trip to Europe, including Italy, was conducted in collaboration with MyongJi University to participate in the Venice Design Workshop in Italy. In 2007-8, we jointly hosted an international workshop with NAFA at Seoul and Singapore. Afterwards a project was launched with the National University of the Philippines in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Each lasted about a month and focused on Southeast Asia.
Year Month  
2008 Aug. International workshop at NAFA, Singapore
2009 Mar. International Workshop. Hong Kong
2010 Jun. International Workshop. Philippines
2011 Jan. International Workshop. Philippines
Nov. International Workshop at Southeast University, China
2012 Jan. International Workshop. Philippines
Aprl. International Workshop. Japan
2013 Jan. International Workshop. Philippines
Aug. International Workshop with TDU at SeoulTech