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  • Architectural Design courses host lecturers who are specialists in their fields. To improve the students’ ability, lecturers include architects, architectural historians, architectural reviewers, urban planner, and so on.
Year Topic Lecturer Belonging
2012 Present&Prospect about Ecological Architecture Tae-goo,Lee Professor/Semyong Univ.
Urban spatial structure & Consciousness Structure T. Hiroshi Professor/Tokyo Denki Univ.
Climate Design &Creativity A-young, Lee vice-president/Heerim Architects,Ltd.
Building&Traffic Policy : Ministry of Land&Ocean Do-yeop,Kwon Ministor/Ministry of Land&Ocean
Architectural history : From the me Dong-soo,Han Professor/Hanyang Univ.
2011 Street Patio, semi interior, eaves, grand stairbridge spiral space K.Yamamoto Professor/Tokyo Denki Univ.
World Heritage : challenges & perspectives Mizuko Ugo Professor/Japan Women’s Univ.
Design Process Seok-hoo, Kang Chairman/ Seoul institute of Registered Architects.
CEO Lecture Jong-wook, Yu Design Head/Junglim architecture.Ltd.
Contemporary Architecture : on the Contrary Structuralism Eui-young, Cheon Professor/ Gyeonggi Univ.
Story : concern with Architecture Influenced on Environment Gun, Na Professor/ Hongik Univ.
What is the architect’s role in Environmental Society Sung-ryong,Jo CEO/ Doci Architects, Ltd.
2010 Danish Architecture & JDS Project Hee-chan,Pak CEO/USE collective
Research about tectonic space Jong-sung,Kim CEO/SAC International, Ltd.
Recent Trends in Building industry Young-soo,Kim Chairman/ Seoul institute of Registered Architects.
Contemporary Architecture in China Wu Weiguang President/ Guangzhou Univ.
Creative insight from the artistic perspective Soon-jo,Lee CEO/MeongSeung Design Group
2009 Considering regional characteristics when do the Housing complex design Sung-hak,Jo Korea Land & Housing Corporation